Is Balance an Achievable Reality?

Ruminations of a BUSY to Balanced Mum

Have you seen our new definition of BUSY?  It’s kinda out there – but I really feel like I’m not the only one challenging the concept of ‘busy’ and whether ‘balance’ is an achievable reality.

I’ve read a number of articles recently – all with the ‘busy’ or ‘balance’ theme.  Martha Beck’s article Making Time for Nothing was inspirational (you HAVE to read it – it gives you great insight into the importance of making time for nothing and suggestions on what you can do with any spare time you have – to make room for nothing).  In it Martha says:

Generally speaking, a packed schedule is seen as the sign of a happenin’ life; empty time is for losers. We don’t say things like “That day won’t work for me, I’ve got a lot of empty time scheduled” or “Listen, Bob, I need to cancel. Some empty time just came up.” Part of the reason is our culture: According to the Western perspective, filling every moment with “value-added” activities is a sign of virtue and significance.

Mia Freedman from Mamamia wrote a great article titled Not everyone wants work/life Balance.  Mia notes “Sometimes the pressure to be balanced can itself become a burden. I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed – it’s my default state – but at certain times in your life, balance is an impossibility.”

I tend to agree with her.

Take the chaos of earlier this year for us.  Within a period of seven weeks we went to Fiji for a holiday, all got a tummy bug, came home to immediately put our house on the market, sold the house, moved house, put Mr 6 in hospital a week after the move to get his tonsils out and then returned nine days later with complications – all the while juggling work and our own crumbling sanity.

Balance?  What balance!

I could have done with some of what Martha calls ‘empty time’ – without a care in the world whether anyone thought I was a loser or not!

I have written numerous posts about reducing the ‘busy’ and moving toward the ‘balance’ - The Joy of Nothing Planned and Finding My Inner Zen – In 10 Minutes a Day to name a few.  My theory is that if you want balance – which I’m happy to say I do! – you will strive for it.  Whether that means finding ‘empty time’ or reducing the overwhelm, you will need to focus on it.  Make it a conscious choice.  Take responsibility for it.

And if you’re like me you will keep searching for it regardless of what’s going on in your life – because ultimately balance is what will make you feel alive, together, connected.

So call me a loser.  Tell me it can’t be done.  But I will continue to strive for ‘balance’.

And maybe, just maybe, help you along the way.

Unless you’ve got other ideas?

Until next time, happy organising!




  1. I totally agree I have to make time to balance but it is so worth it for my sanity!

  2. So true. I have about 4 books sitting beside my bed ready to read which have been there for a while. Over the next week I am going to ensure I schedule that “me” time in.

  3. Rhonda - Silly Mummy says:

    Sometimes, just when you think you’ve got the balance thing all sorted, EVERYTHING start happening at the same time with kids. Appointments, activities, holidays etc.

    I think support from other people help us reach the balance. Like having the in-laws and friends. Plus an understanding boss! A must!

  4. I couldn’t agree more Rhonda! Support from family, friends and work is essential. I also thinking asking them for help (when you need it) is a must. :)

  5. It’s important to keep balance. Spend time with family and friends.

  6. I completely agree! Family and good friends are life’s “gold”! :)

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